At Best Friends Dog Obedience Training, we believe in positive training for the best results. Research shows that positive reinforcement is the most effective and efficient method to see real results and foster trust that strengthens the bond between you and your dog. 

Free Evaluation

The process begins with a free evaluation in your home where we get essential information from you including your goals for the dog as well as medical and behavioral information. Next, we do an assessment of your dog to determine his/her drives and temperament. Using this information, we develop a custom training program for your dog or puppy.

Puppy Training

In-home puppy training includes basic obedience, crate and potty training and socialization. We will also address any issues specific to your puppy including destructive chewing, jumping up, etc. Most puppies require five or six sessions.

Private Training

Private training is conducted in your home. General Obedience and behavioral issues such as separation anxiety or aggression can be addressed with private training. Sessions are weekly with ample homework for you and your family to reinforce what we learn each week. The number of sessions depends upon your training goals and can be determined during the free evaluation.

Nose to Tail Therapy

We use Bio Energetic Synchronization Therapy (B.E.S.T.) to treat a variety of ailments. BEST is a non-forceful energy balancing process that restores your dog to their full self-healing potential. BEST gives animals increased immunity, pain relief, behavioral stability and stimulates tissue repair.