I recently brought my dog to see Kathy at Best Friends Dog Obedience Training, I was having a few training issues that I couldn’t resolve myself. Kathy was extremely professional with my dog and I. I highly recommend Kathy for your pet! 

– Jennifer L.


Best Friend Is Tops

Ms. Millier is what I consider a ‘Dog Whisper” professional. The care, dedication and attention to detail is bar none! When I have the need for another dog, aka family member, I will contact Ms. Millier. 

– Sean M.


Outstanding Service

She is outstanding. She was professional, committed, and her gentle, kind, and consistent efforts with my dog worked a miracle. I could not be more pleased.  

– Ann T.


Happy Tails

We asked Kathy to work with us and our rescue dog, Huli who was extremely fearful and reactive. Walking him was an ordeal, he pulled on the leash and was pretty much terrified the whole time. We didn’t give up but realized we needed help. In just 4 sessions, Kathy gave us the tools guided us through the training to build a trusting relationship with Huli and to build his confidence. He was a different dog after just 2 weeks and now, in situations that would have caused a fearful reaction, he turns to us for guidance and doesn’t freak out. He actually enjoys our walks (us too) and has even started to make friends with other dogs (besides our other dog) and he trusts Kathy too! We still have some work to do but Kathy really made a difference in Huli and our relationship with him. Huh trusts us completely and is loving and happy member of our family. It’s great! We are so pleased with what Kathy has helped us accomplish and would highly recommend her to anyone. 

– Jessie M.


Very Patient

Kathy was amazing with my dog Bella. She quickly took over the situation and helped Bella to become more responsive to commands. She now listens much better and is able to sit, lay, stay, heal and follow other commands. It helped me grow a stronger connection with my dog along the way, and learn how to be able to train my dog without any yelling or being physical with the dog. 

– Matthew M.


Excellent Experience

I had an excellent experience. Cathy was extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide tools to help with general obedience and calming methods. We’ve seen much improvement with our Black Lab, Maverick. 

– Stephen F.


Kathy Taught Me So Much

Kathy was great. I learned a lot about our dog and how to continue the training she taught me. I had experiences with other dog trainers and was unimpressed. Kathy knows her stuff and was a pleasure to work with.

– Lou S.


Great Progress Immediately

We saw great progress based on the instruction we received. It was a great transformation from day 1 to present with our dog’s obedience and there was always support if we had questions in between lessons. 

– Matthew K.


Very Helpful

Kathy was extremely knowledgeable in positive reinforcement training. She was very helpful every step of the way and we have already experienced a big change in our two dachshunds

– Daisy K. 


Best Trainer

Well trained dog Leash training. The service was first rate The trainer could not have been more component. 

– Michael L. 


Very knowledgeable and friendly!

Very knowledgeable and friendly! 

– Ben S.


Highly Recommend

Kathy responded to my request very quickly. she immediately answered all the questions I had, and was very pleasant to talk to. she is very knowledgeable on the information I needed. she gave clear instructions that were simply to follow, and techniques that will help me in training my pet. I would highly recommend anyone who is in need of an excellent trainer to contact her. 

– Carla C.


Love The Positive Reinforcements

Kathy is great with my almost 3yo German Shepherd and seems to have fun herself when working with her. My pup is a bit spoiled. She has basic commands and is well behaved until something grabs her attention (like another dog walking past our house) then she is uncontrollable. She also gets over excited and barks and jumps on people. Day 1 of training we learned multiple techniques and we are already on our way to a happier obedient fur baby. My pup and I love the positive reinforcement training methods. I definitely recommend Kathy if you need any help with your fur baby. 

– Dawn P.

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